Basic setup and introduction of the ADB: Android Debug Bridge with examples of commands: top (busiest processes) and pull (file transfer) where I pull images and videos from my phone to my desktop.

Most Debian -based linux distros (Debian, Ubuntu, Mint and many others. ) can install with:
sudo apt-get install android-tools-adb

Most Fedora / Suse -based linux distress can install with:
sudo yum install android-tools

Main ADB page:

OEM USB drivers:

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Music credits (in order of appearance):

The Mugris – Talcahuano Hallucination Dance
Glass Boy – A Friendship Over A Long Distance
Ian Sutherland – Giant

For this video, all music was acquired at the the Free Music Archive and licensed under a CCby[X] license which are free to use licenses ( even commercially ). I do tip these artists from time to time, based on the success of my videos. Please check them out, tip em or buy some of their work. Without generous & talented artists, it’d be a bunch of polka stuff. (“Dum da da dum, DEE, dum da da dum..”) #grokshop


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