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Legion of Freedom:

AoW3 United:

Music from
All music by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (
-Floating Citites
-Gymnopedie no 1

Channels from alliance members:


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“Art Of War 3: Global Conflict” is a unique classic real-time strategy game with direct control for true commanders who are not afraid to face the enemy in real-time PvP battles! For those who want to feel the thrill of victory over a live opponent! For those who can think like a strategist and act decisively in any battlefield situation! It’s no place for the timid!Are you ready for the challenge, Commander?

● Epic real-time PvP and cooperative battles. 
● Thousands of players online from all over the world. 
● Classical RTS direct control system. You can control each unit directly. 
● Stunningly detailed 3D graphics will provide you with full immersion. 
● A variety of units and tactical abilities. 
● Two different warring factions.



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