The first step you must install this game.
From Play Store.

When the game is open, Data download is used.
You may only play a little bit.

Then leave the game.
Closed your WIFI and mobile data.
Not to connect the Internet connection.

The final step you must restore with Titanium Backup.
This link How to use TB.

TB. My save file A8 4.8.0i (Restore to play)
Download Here

If you do restore, you will get all the things in this VDO.
The car may not be all units. But that is available as the best car.
Terms of use this save, if you are online. You will be ban.
It will be available offline only.

I used to try out the car to use 275 cars.
Not worked!!
The summary is the game. The Force Stop makes it possible to play.
If you have a car, more than the limitations will be a problem.


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