This video aims:
to familiarize with the ‘Greenwich Mean Time’ Concept.
to know the World Time Zones.
to know the reason for differences in time between places around the world.
to find out the differences in time between cities in the world.
The presenter Ms. Amruta Haldankar is a Trainer, Facilitator, Content Developer, Consultant in the field of Travel, Tourism, Aviation, Hospitality and Management Studies for the past 8 years. Ms. Haldankar is associated with various Colleges, Management Institutes and IATA training Centres. She has successfully trained a number of students who today are a part of Travel, Tourism, Aviation and Hospitality Industry.
Ms. Amruta Haldankar (Bsc. (Microbiology), P.G. Diploma in T&T, IATA- Foundation, IATA–Consultant, IATA–Cargo, P.G. Diploma in Import, Export and Foreign Trade)


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