Pokemon Evolved Alpha Build 1.33
This is video will explain how to install pokemon evolved alpha build 1.28 from first to the very last step. Install steam, buy ARK: Sruvival Evolved from steam (or g2a or any other legit store). Install ARK in steam so You would have the game in Your game library. Go to Community workshop. Type ARK and search for most popular this week called Pokemon Evolved Alpha Build 1.28. Press green button that says subscribe. It should auto download as ARK: Survival Evolved – Workshop Content. After delete Your save folder by going to steam folder, steamapps, common, ARK, shootergame, saved and SavedArksLocal. Delete (or cut) all the files inside. Run ARK: Survival Evolved, select host local. Choose pokemon mod and click singleplayer!

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Full tutorial how to install steam workshop

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