This video shows you how to actually log in to the web page directly on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

If it’s not working, use a third-party browser like Chrome and request the desktop site and use the address instead

Please see the article for updated information as Apple changed how works on iPads with iPadOS and iPhones/iPods with iOS 13.

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hey guys this is Tan from AppleToolBox

so you’re trying to access

from your iPhone or iPad unfortunately

type it in iCloud comm on your browser

shows you only three options set up

iCloud on this device open Find My

iPhone or open find my friends as you

can see there is no login option so how

do you really login into

first open the iCloud calm page on

Safari if you’re using an iPhone tap on

the share button at the bottom of the

screen next choose request desktop site

give it a second or so and you seek the

iCloud locking page where you can answer

your Apple credentials to access iCloud

calm if you are using an iPad on Safari

tap on the share button in the

right-hand corner next to address bar

and choose request desktop site you are

done this functionality only works with

iOS 8 now above you are not able to do

this in an earlier version of Safari you

had to use either Chrome or Mercury

browser as a workaround take a look at

our detailed article in the description

below I hope this helped and stay tuned

to AppleToolBox for more


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