php 7.4 ~ Lesson 5: PHP Spread operator (Unpacking arrays) PHP added another javascript like operator, the “spread” operator (not really a spread operator) A spread operator technically can spread associative arrays as well. PHP can only “unpack” indexed arrays, but for all intents and common software jargon this is PHP’s version of the spread operator. Let’s dive in.

PHP 7.4 ~ Lesson 9: Serialize & Unserialize Magic Methods Serialize is the getter and unserialize is the setter PHP 7.4 gives two new magic methods to help us serialize data from class instance state and unserialize data to set class instance state. Pretty nifty ~ I’m a fan 🙂

Let’s Learn About php 7.4 and its new features!

Lesson 1: Class property typing (easy casting)

Lesson 2: Short hand functions or Arrow functions

Lesson 3: Short hand functions or arrow function, implicit scoping

Lesson 4: PHP Null coalescing assignment operator

Lesson 5: PHP spread operator (AKA unpacking arrays)

Lesson 6: PHP Rest Operator (Doesn’t really exist)

Lesson 7: PHP Numeric literal operator

Lesson 8: PHP Strip Tags Accepts Array Example

Lesson 9: PHP Serialize & Unserialize Magic Methods

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