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Evening Lake is seems going just as Sunrise way, but with some interesting bugs in Charmed Ridge.
Home: Bentley’s level aren’t even needed to be bypassed with swim in air, refer for Charmed Ridge below.
Frozen Altars: Moneybags’ skip is pretty easy here, feel free to perform it for another egg.
Lost Fleet: while you can do fish hunting here for another 2 eggs, 2nd challenge can eventually return a Sparx to you. I decided to skip sub-levels here, but you can try this one if you want.
Fireworks Factory: Agent 9’s section can be reached if you want, but i skipped it because you’ll be 1hp and can fail pretty easily (jump above his left laser if you want to test). Another sub-level (not the one with 2 dragons) seems pretty hard as well, you can skip if you keep struggling.
Charmed Ridge: Man, this level have the funniest and interest trigger in the entire game. Stay in level about 3-5 minutes (check atlas and if you have 0/2800 – you have it triggered, if 0/4300 – keep waiting) and you’ll have already Midnight opened levels with redirect to Sunrise Worlds. You might think that it’s not funny and interested, but this critical bug actually helps to finish this version. If this bug was never present then you can’t do backward walkthrough cause Bugbot Factory woundn’t be available and this woundn’t allow to gain 2 Sparx abilities (1 of them is important (advancing through atlas)), which wound leave only one choice – fix Sorceress’ Lair fight with Artmoney.
An interesting thing here how Moneybags work with that bug. Moneybags don’t reappear when you get egg from him and you can’t restore any lost gems once more. However when you enter Midnight’s Sunrise – game will think that you beated the Sorceress, so Moneybags sections become available to pass. It doesn’t really matter if he present on bridge or not, but the second time that you triggening this bug it’ll only happen if you enter Midnight Home, first is seems to be happening here, in Charmed Ridge – game will glitch Moneybags in Evening Lake, thereby allowing you to pass without paying gems for Bentley. And this is actually cool, you can use this bug to pass any section with Moneybags (except Crystal Islands and Desert Ruins, but there are also possible to avoid).
Moneybags’ skip is quite hard to perform, refer to video how to do that.
Bentley’s Outpost: nothing interested to explain here, just a regular egg hunt.
Buzz’s Sorceress: you may find it strange why i called it like this, but as i triggered bug in Charmed Ridge, it’s important to visit at least once Super Bonus Round so we can advance to it near the final. So this means level must be entered by selecting Sorceress’ Lair and beating Buzz instead of her.
Scorch is skipped here but will be shown in next walkthrough.


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