Hello guys it’s my first video on YouTube
I hope you like it
My name is harsh I live in India state punjab
My hooby is to make video of history and mystery and it’s a assassin ‘ creed topic

Guys I’m a history lover and there is many
YouTuber in india who explaine one topic
1’2 videos but I’m not like them
So guys I explain you one topic in 1,2 months

Guys now I started assassin ‘s creed topic
So please watch my videos and I love
Assassin ‘s creed video game

Last request please never forget to subscribe my channel and like my videos
If they are good if not then dislike
And tell me about your opinions
What is my mistakes and tell me to
Make I video just in comment section

Of you use whatsapp please share my videos to your all contact and tell them to
Subscribe my channel if you are real
Assassin ‘ s creed fan

Thanks🙏🙏 for watching

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